Why Roboclean

Traditional vacuum cleaners were designed to collect dust and dirt into a bag with pores. Even though the pores of these ‘dust-bags’ might seem small to us, they are large enough for fine dust particles, microbes and other living entities invisible to the naked eye to easily pass through. For that reason, dust-bag systems spew out dust and microbes back into the home environment when operated. On top of that, the airflow of these pores clog up within a short period of time, get cut off, and hinders the vacuum’s cleaning power.

How is Roboclean different?

Roboclean utilizes nature’s most important element, water, which is the cleanest, safest, and most pore-free filter system available. Water’s advantageous properties combined with high consistent suction power provide uninterrupted, effective cleaning. Dust is pulled through the water basin trapping unwanted particles and reintroducing fresh, clean, breathable air back into your home. With Roboclean there’s no need for harsh chemicals, countless bag refills, and no more emptying your dust into the trash just to have it explode back all over the floor.

Clean your home in the most natural way possible, by using nature’s most powerful element, water.

Water is essential for nature to function. Our planet uses this source to clean and rid itself of surface dust, airborne particles, artificial contaminants and even allergens. Rivers, tides, and especially rain are all examples of how nature’s hygiene is maintained, leaving behind fresh, rain-washed air. When this simple, aquatic method is applied to the inside of your home, it has the same effect – washing the air you breathe and creating a healthier, more livable environment.

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