Vacuum Cleaner

A basic electric vacuum cleaner will usually have a dust bag for all the mite it picks up. By design, the dust bag is deeply flawed. When it works, the receptacle is porous enough to reshoot scraps into the atmosphere, and perform an incomplete cleanse. Because by default, air is supposed to flow through the system. When these outworn bags get their tiny holes clogged with waste, the vacuum’s suction power is impaired. The Aura Roboclean SPLUS harnesses the power of water, an abundant aerodynamic material that blocks waste like no other.

The difference between these levels of sanitation can be translated directly into health benefits. Effective disposal of allergens, germs, viruses and other contaminants can mean stronger immunity and better health throughout the year’s different contagion seasons. Additional features include an ionizer, air purifier, medicinal aromatherapy, attachments for upholstery, mattresses, and carpet deep cleaning, shampoo and remote control. When you compare the Roboclean’s holistic engineering and design to a basic vac the difference is clear.

Efficient hydrodynamic technology allows the Roboclean’s 100% efficiency in it’s 25,000 rpm motor. It’s important to highlight that the newest vacuums will usually operate at 17,000 rpm. An additional 125W nozzle motor with rotating brushes, vibrate and detach contamination from surface fibers, to be absorbed through the continuous dual air passage. The Aura Roboclean SPLUS is much more silent than any machine with it’s kind of power. The handy full-featured digital screen also allows for a diverse range of clear-cut settings every time.