Mattress Cleaner

Aura Roboclean Splus has a motor-brush Power Nozzle that’s specially designed for mattresses and carpeted surfaces. The unit’s water-based cleaning system allows you witness how much dirt and other impurities can be extracted from a seemingly tidy mattress, first-hand. The independent 150 Watt motor-powered roller brush is thoroughly effective at lifting particles as opposed to ingraining them deeper into the box spring. Roboclean is the best and most time-efficient alternative to making your bed safe haven for rest and to shelter your health.

A normal everyday mattress can be infested by an average of 10 million dust mites. When a person sleeps they can shed over a third of an ounce of skin and hair and sweat up to sixteen ounces in one night. The sum of this unsuspecting proliferation is skin flakes, fungus spores, bacteria, dust mites, moth droppings and even viruses. The most common negative effects of this warm and unchallenged microorganic ecosystem on the human body, varies from breathing allergies and skin breakouts, to asthma, bronchitis, sneezing and eye irritation.

The Roboclean Electro Nozzle is a deep cleaning unit, it achieves the most powerful level of mattress disinfection known to man. The nozzle features are very friendly like the head’s upright lock mechanism and remote controller. These amenities paired with a state-of-the-art vacuum motor, an impervious water filtration reservoir and practical ergonomic design, are a top symbiosis for serious cleanse. In a quick and thorough 5-minute pass you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing the bed where you and your kin sleep is reliably flawless.