Daily Cleaner

Rearranging clutter around the house is still a manual job, and that’s probably a good thing. The Aura Roboclean SPLUS can help make every day cleaning better and more simple. Whether it be dusting with the round brush or the crevice tool, or sweeping with the hard floor nozzle, the power nozzle or the multi-surface attachment. Keeping your home tidy all the time is a snap with the Roboclean. It’s water-based filtration system ensures that no effort is ever squandered when it comes to wiping out dust mites and preserving your peace of mind.

Daily cleaning ensures your personal spaces stay spotless day after day. The importance of a disinfected home is an incalculable benefit for your health. House dust mites can live in populations of millions in an average home. Their feces accumulate in the lungs, their exoskeletons cause allergic rhinitis, asthma attacks and skin infections. Their ideal breeding ground is in fabric furnishing where the temperature is warm and humidity can be retained. The slightest contact with any infested surface releases them into the air.

The dusting tool has the softness you need for your cushions, furniture surfaces, paintings, decorations and appliances. The crevice tool is ideal for hard to reach places like sofa corners, in between and under couch cushions and climatization vents. The nozzle for hard floors is intuitively design to feel like a broom and provide the same power to scrub floors with a lightweight brush. The power nozzle will keep you wall-to-wall sanitized all the time. but for the everyday cleanse, nothing beats the multi-surface nozzle in all-around time efficiency.