In addition to purifying the air, the Aura Roboclean Splus can also provide a complete aromatherapy solution. It humidifies, aromatizes and refreshes the atmosphere in your most personal of spaces. Two drops of essential oil is all the Roboclean water reservoir needs to infuse your setting with nature’s most idyllic fragrances. The way the Roboclean works is that it removes odors through ionization, before releasing aroma from essential oils into the environment. This approach is much more sensible than attempting to cover one smell with another.

Aromatherapy is believed to aide in the fight against respiratory diseases, allergens and a wide array of maladies that vary in regards to the essential oil that is used. Inhaling aromas is also believed to enhance cognitive performance, personal mood and physical wellbeing in general. The origins of this practice date back to ancient Egypt where the first-known distillation machines on record. Other ancient civilizations that took part in this practice were the Indians, Chinese, Greek and Romans. The concept of aromatherapy dates back to the early twentieth Century.

Original fragrance sets have scents that can include: Lavender, a tender aroma known to aide in respiratory, digestive and nervous systems as a stimulant and relaxant. Eucalyptus’ freshness opens breathing passages and relieves pain, sinuses and asthma. Sharp lemon increases immune system activity, reduces blood pressure, helps weight loss, fights infection and skin impurities. Pine essential oil is known to protect against sinus infection, as a disinfectant and to stimulate mind and body. Original Roboclean blends include Relaxing and Botanical Gardens.