Air Purifier

The Aura Roboclean Splus has a preeminent ionizing function that extracts dust and other contaminants from room atmospheres. Purification works by generating negative ions that attract airborne particles which naturally have positive electrostatic charges. As dust specs and other impurities get heavier, they fall and get absorbed into the Aura Roboclean Splus’ water-based filter system. Water is non-porous and unlike traditional vacuum filter bags, water ensures that dirty particles will not come out through the unit’s ventilation exits.

The Aura Roboclean Splus can be an essential component in creating a space for freedom from asthma, allergies and viral contamination. Pet dander, mold spores, pollen, and dust mites represent a real problem for family members who cope with allergies. Smoke and volatile organic compounds can weaken the immune system, and of course there’s also virus seasons. Whenever an important health concern is addressed, it is always important to remember that prevention is the best medicine. The Roboclean Splus guarantees your air is clean.

The air cleaning feature also includes a detachable remote control for everyday use, when you are not vacuuming. The ionizer button is easy to find. The unit works in silence, and is seamless, so you can go about your business without having to give it a second thought. The Aura Roboclean Splus’ ergonomic and sleek design makes all the difference, when what you need is a adroit solution for your air quality needs. Roboclean is accessibility, performance and peace of mind when it comes to optimizing the space where you breathe most deep.